Back Track Player (On Demand + Stream) The Backtrack Player is a HTML5 multi-network and fully responsive browser based player which... Everest cast - Show current DJ name in metadata If you use Everest cast with SHOUTcast Widgets, there's an important setting that must be... How can I add the weather widget in the top menu bar? The Weather Widget makes use of the popular website which offers free... How can I include song lyrics in the Backtrack player? The Backtrack player is a touch enabled html5 player which allows your listeners to restart the... How can my DJs earn money? How can I book a DJ to play on my stream? How can my DJs earn money? SHOUTcast Widgets v7 has some exciting new features that allow any DJ... How do I add a play button to my stream tree? All pages of SHOUTcast Widgets v7 admin are SSL and start with HTTPS. This means your stream must... How do I set up the Instagram plugin?     DOCS BEING UPDATED 3/31/2022 CHECK BACK SOON    Create a new app on the Facebook... How do the networks work? Can I create multiple networks. How do the networks work? Each account is good for one network. Each network can have as many... How does Smart Mixx work? Smart mix is a type of plugin that requires Centova cast auto dj to work. The powerful Centova... How to set up the Twitter Auto Poster The Twitter Auto Poster will automatically post the currently playing artist - song to your... Is the weather widget free? The weather widget is part of SHOUTcast Widgets v7 + and makes use of the free api... SHOUTcast Widgets v7 Introduction What is SHOUTcast Widgets v7? SHOUTcast Widgets was built back in 2012 as a type of aid for... Website Builder and DJ Profile Pages Contact Forms SHOUTcast Widgets v7 makes use of the free and popular service from FormSpree which provides a...
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