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The Twitter Auto Poster will automatically post the currently playing artist - song to your Twitter feed every (1-500) tracks. To set up, you'll need to enter your Twitter API keys into your SHOUTcast Widgets settings.

  1. Login to your Twitter account and visit the Twitter Developer Portal
  2. Next goto the Projects and Apps (Overview Section) and click on Add App, Create New App
  3. On the first step under Development choose Production 
  4. Enter a name for your app like SHOUTcast Widgets v7, choose Next
  5. Copy and Paste the 1st API key into the SHOUTcast Widgets Twitter Consumer Key.
  6. Copy and Paste the API Key Secret key into the SHOUTcast Widgets Twitter Consumer Secret field.
  7. You can ignore the Bearer Token it's not needed.
  8. Next click on App Settings at the bottom.
  9. Click on the Keys & Tokens tab
  10. Under Access Token and Secret, click on Generate, copy the access token and access secret into SHOUTcast Widgets Twitter settings, set your 2 hash tags and the amount of tracks to auto post and save.

Give the auto poster a few song cycles to get started. The dashboard widget should also begin to show data. Once the count gets to the amount you set, look for either a Tweet Sent or an error message. If an error message, follow the instructions, if this is a new API account, you just need to email Twitter support to enable access. Twitter usually responds quickly if so. 

Common Error Messages

Server error #401 with answer {"request":"\/1.1\/statuses\/update.json","error":"Read-only application cannot POST."}

This error means you have to set permissions on your app to post. Goto your Twitter Developer Portal, Open your app under Projects & Apps, look for the User authentication settings near the bottom. Click on Edit beside Oauth 1  Choose Read & Write,  save. 

For the Website Url enter






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