Amazon Album Covers - How to set them up so I can earn money. You'll need to create a Amazon Affiliate... Can I allow my DJ's to access my Centova Cast? Yes, with the new Centova v3 comes a powerful dj manager which allows you to not only assign each... Can I change my Centova Cast username? Yes, as of Centova v 2.3 (4/30/2015) we are able to easily change your username for you, just... Do you offer Port 80 Streams Yes, we now offer port 80 streaming, you will find the port 80 web proxy option on the order... Go Public - Create YP Hash Key If you want your SHOUTcast v2 stream to be listed in the SHOUTcast directory, you will need to... How to Broadcast Live with Mixxx! Mixxx is a free piece of software that lets you mix and broadcast live! Below are the... How to set up Target Spot audio ads You can take advantage of SHOUTcast's new partnership with TargetSpot and allow them to play ads... How to set up your SHOUTcast directory listing Any SHOUTcast server version 2.6.x and above can list their stream in the popular SHOUTcast... I'm having problems logging in via FTP to upload MP3's - You should leave the port # field blank- Make sure your using the correct password. You can... MP3 License Fee Currently mp3 keys are not available 1/4/2014 Mount Point / Multiple Bitrate Support Clients using SHOUTcast v2 or IceCast can now create multiple independent mount points through... My stream is playing but I do not hear any music? There can be 2 reasons for this -- first make sure your streaming in MP3 format, AAC+ does not... My stream seems to be skipping, but only with flash players. This usually indicates a problem with your intro file, if you have uploaded one, most likely you... Native SSL with SHOUTcast v2.6.x Using the SSL proxy is the most secure and efficient way of enabling SSL for your streams, but if... Uploading MP3s You can upload MP3s using two methods, FTP (recommended) and web uploads. To upload using the web... What's the difference in the 2 fade options in my Centova Cast settings? With Centova v3 & SHOUTcast v2 server, you'll find 2 options for fade times under... When I start server, nothing seems to happen If you try to start your server and nothing appears to happen, first ensure you have entered your...
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