SHOUTcast Widgets

SHOUTcast Widgets v7 + SSL

NO SSL? No Problem! Bundle Widgets v7 with our Non SSL to SSL Conversion. Both services will be set up instantly after payment and do require you have either a current Shoutcast or Icecast stream.

SHOUTcast Widgets v7

SHOUTcast Widgets v7 (New Summer 2022)
Manage unlimited streams and DJs with the latest version of the popular SHOUTcast Widgets. Copy/Paste Widgets, DJ Profile Pages, Network Stream Tree, Plugin Manager featuring API links to all major panels (Centova, Everest cast, Media CP, Sonic Panel, Azuracast) DJs are able to profit by offering time slots for automated booking. SHOUTcast Widgets network owners are able to book DJs to play live on their stream.
Multi-Language! English, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, German

  • Unlimited DJs
  • Unlimited Streams
  • Twitter Auto Poster
  • Unlimited Tune In APIs
  • Unlimited Accounts Telegram Auto Poster
  • Track Like/Dislike Voting System
  • Centova Cast Integration
  • Everest Cast Integration
  • Customize Each Artist
  • Currently Playing Widget
  • Last Played Widget
  • Pop Up Player
  • Weather Widgets (2)
  • Online Dj Widget
  • Sonic Panel Integration
  • Media CP Integration
  • Azuracast Integration
  • Instant Setup with Sample Data
  • Google Fonts

Website Builder Demo

Currently Playing Widget

Demo DJ Page

Last Played Widget

Weather Widgets

Demo Pop Up Player

Works with SHOUTcast v2 - Any Provider