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MSCP is one of the few panels offering custom Url branding using your own domain name as the listen url. This is done by adding a CNAME (or A Record) to your website DNS. There are a few extra  steps you'll need to preform in the MS control panel including a adding a ssl certificate so your custom listen links will be secure and comply with new browser restrictions that will block all non-ssl resources. 

We've put together a video tutorial to show you how to create your custom Url and certificate in MSCP 


Also feel free to open a chat or ticket we're happy to assist with this.

  • Hides any mention of our domain in your listen Urls. 
  • We always hope you'll stay with Hired Hosting, however a custom listen Url does allow you to take your business and more importantly your listeners to another provider if needed. Don't worry we promise to work hard and do our best to prevent this from ever happening!
  • Rather than post the provider links on your website and give the provider a relevant linkback, you could be advertising your own website or partner websites.
  • Allows you to switch and try different panels.

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