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1. If you don't have already Winamp installed on your computer, download it from HERE

If Win-Amp is running, CLOSE IT - The EDCast Plugin will NOT install if Win Amp is running!

2. Download the EDcast plug-in for Winamp from HERE

3. Start Winamp and open Preferences (CTRL-P)

4. Near the bottom of the preferences screen, choose DSP/Effect

5. Double click EdCast DSP

6. In the EdCast window that pops up, click the "Add Encoder" button

7. Right click the new encoder, and choose "Configure"

     - For Basic Settings,

         - Check the use bitrate box, and change the bitrate to whatever is set in Centova Cast (usually 96Kbs or 128Kbs)

         - Change the server IP from localhost to whatever server's IP address your on (in Centova Cast, information is in the quick links section)

         - Change the port # to your port # (in Centova Cast, information is in the quick links section)

         - Change the encoder password to your Centova Cast Source password

         - Change the mount point to /live

    - For Yellow Page Settings,

         - Come on, did you really need help with this??

When your ready to Go Live, highlight the encoder and click the "Connect" button

You should now be able to begin playing music through WinAMp, or connect your turntables, mic & mixer to your sound card and broadcast live

When your done, just stop the encoder, IceCast will detect you have stopped your live broadcast and switch back to the auto dj.

Once you get everything set up, if you click the check box in Ed Cast to auto connect, you should then be able to easily connect with a few clicks.


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