How does the multi-server function work?

Multi-Server in Everest Cast

With Everest cast, you're able to run both SHOUTcast and/or Icecast, either a single instance or both at the same time from the same source (auto dj or live).

To add a stream (channel), at the bottom of your Everest cast Main Home Page, click on the Add channel button to bring up the wizzard which gives you the option of SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast and a format choice of MP3, AAC+ and FLAC. All Everest cast accounts include unlimited channels.
Everestcast add new channel

After you have added your channels, you will see your new streams appear also at the bottom of the main home page of your Everest cast panel.

Clicking on the Admin link will take you to the stream DNAS page. Also note the admin: password next to each stream, which is used to login to the stream DNAS page. (Use the username admin for both SHOUTcast and Icecast DNAS login)

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