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We understand when your a new webmaster to be, just the sight of a block of code can begin the process of giving up! The good news is, that's the exact reason we built SHOUTcast Widgets. This is also why we choose to include a complete website builder, just in case you want to focus on the music rather then deal with the technical end . If however you already have a Wordpress website, blog, html website or use something like Adobe Dreamweaver for web editing, then we welcome you to use the following guide when embeding our world famous widgets into your site, or application.

We provide two basic types of code you can embed. The prefered is Javascript Minified and depends on you already having JQUERY in your page (most already do).  JQUERY does not need to be included more then once, although it may work if multiple instances are included in the page, it just slows loading down, not much, just mili-seconds, but your goal when building a website should always be to make the search engines happy with fast loading, error free pages. They all penalize you for little things like this, again not by much but it's always a good practice to do what Google and Bing recommend.

First, open your web page in your prefered editor and make sure your in the HTML or SOURCE mode. If you've ever included a You Tube video into your site, you should be able to use the same process for this. Keep in mind, if you are using something like Wordpress of some type of web based website builder, chances are you will only be able to use the IFRAME code option.

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Let's Embed!

If your using one of the above website builders of similar, your probably going to need to use the IFRAME code, otherwise start with the Javascript Minified code
If the Javascript Minified code doesn't work, you can try either to include the latest version of JQUERY from the trusted Google Hosted Library Page or try the Javascript 
Code version, which already includes the required JQUERY library.

If all else fails, the IFRAME version is more or less guaranteed to work! 

If your still not able to get it to work, we have live agents on standby 24/7 via ticket and email with fast response!

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