How to set up Centova v3 with SHOUTcast Widgets v5 Print

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Watch the SHOUTcast Widgets v5 Centova Link Tutorial on You Tube

You can enable Centova Link under server settings. Your also able to set up multiple servers, all with unique Centova accounts. 

  1. Click on Server Settings
  2. Your active server will be at the top, click on Centova Link
  3. Enter your Centova Cast 

 Centova Username can be found in the Quick Links section of your Centova panel. Look for FTP Username near the bottom of the page
 Centova Port is usually always 2199
 Centova Folder is usually always media
 Centova FTP Port is usually always 21

4. Create folder under /media folder.
In your Centova v3 panel, you can do this under File Manager. Make sure your within the /media folder and look for New Folder at the bottom. Title the new folder SCWIDGETS It is important you use all CAPS. The final folder path would be /media/SCWIDGETS

3. Create playlist

  1. In your Centova v3.x panel, click on Playlists
  2. Click on Create Playlist
  3. Title the playlist SCWIDGETS - this is very important, this will not function if not exact!
  4. Under Type, choose Immediate
  5. Under Playback choose Sequential (In Order)
  6. Save

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