Android Aps - Rewarded Ads

  • 19th June 2024
Rewarded Ads require the user to watch a short video or take a short survey in order to listen/watch your stream. As the admin, you set how many reward credits the users gets, one credit lets the user listen/watch one stream/session.  Rewarded Ads are part of Ad Mob (Google), you get paid the same way you do with your current Ad Sense account. ...
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Promote your Stream - Get Listed!

  • 11th January 2024
Want to get your stream listed in the top stream directories in the world?  We've put together a list of the most popular public internet radio listings to assist with promoting your station.   RADIO BROWSER List of apps that make use of the Radio Browser list Submit your ...
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The Backtrack Player

  • 13th June 2022
The Backtrack Player Our new signature player is ready and is 100% custom made for our very own SHOUTcast Widgets, a type of add on for your Shoutcast stream which includes dozens of features such as a built in website builder, social media auto posters and of course the most wanted part of the project - HTML5 players. But the Backtrack player is ...
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Customize your Tweets

  • 18th May 2022
You can now write an unlimited amount of custom tweets which will randomly post every "X" amount of songs that play. New short codes allow you to build the perfect tweet to announce a new track, dj that comes online or even the weather! Emulator shows you what the Tweets will look like. Set the auto poster to post anywhere between 2 and 500 ...
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