Android Aps - Rewarded Ads

  • Wednesday, 19th June, 2024
  • 12:28pm

Rewarded Ads require the user to watch a short video or take a short survey in order to listen/watch your stream. As the admin, you set how many reward credits the users gets, one credit lets the user listen/watch one stream/session. 

Rewarded Ads are part of Ad Mob (Google), you get paid the same way you do with your current Ad Sense account. Once you earn $100, you'll be sent a check near the end of the next month. 

The new admin panels allow you to manage several parts of  the app live without the need to push any updates. Changes are performed in real time including sending single user or mass push notifications, managing your users, add/edit/remove radios/tvs

Works with either IPTV/You tube or Shoutcast/Icecast

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