SHOUTcast Widgets v7 Official Release!

  • Sunday, 1st May, 2022
  • 12:51pm

The latest SHOUTcast Widgets version 7 was just released and features several new and improved widgets, website builder, auto posters and more. Draggable dashboard widgets plus a complete recode and redesign of the admin area gives you full control over your stream, social media and sound. The new widgets are all independent of the admin section to allow for easy sharing with your developer or webmaster. A new server tree controls all your streams and plugins for easy changes and plugin management.

Tired of repeat songs and artists with Centova Cast? 

The new Smart Mixx uses the stations data file which includes information from the last 1,000 tracks played on your stream as well as the listeners at the start and end of each track. Smart Mixx will calculate and generate a playlist based on this and other factors like last played song or artist settings and votes from the built in song polls (optional). With this data, Smart Mixx will not only create the perfect mix for your listeners but also automatically post it to your Centova Cast and play using their very powerful API and playlist system. 

Smart Mixx is part of the SHOUTcast Widgets Centova Cast Integration which includes skip track and quick play options where you can easily find and play any track on your stream immediately.


The Twitter Auto Poster will automatically post the currently playing track, current DJ, event and up to 2 hash tags every X amount of tracks to your Twitter feed. You choose the tweet rate by tracks and can select anywhere between 2 and 500. We've also added a custom widget to the dashboard so you can keep a eye on the poster status.


 Fake Traffic Generators are nothing new and have been a proven marketing technique for many years. SHOUTcast Widgets  v7 includes our own version of this feature which is ideal for new streams and will generate fake listeners which are displayed on various widgets, the listener maps and website builder to make it appear your station gets more listeners then it actually does.

Unlimited Tune In Radio API streams are now included with SHOUTcast Widgets v7. A new dashboard widget will assist you in API management and monitoring. Easily attach this or any of the new plugins to any of your streams. 

Your DJs will be very happy with you since they're now able to post automated booking through their own  DJ profile page and booking system. DJs can accept either Paypal or CashApp (only Paypal offers automated bookings), or offer free booking if they like. Clients can leave reviews for the DJs and view available time slots on their public or private calendar as well as on their webpage.  

Learn more about the new SHOUTcast Widgets v7

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