The Backtrack Player

  • Monday, 13th June, 2022
  • 10:17am

The Backtrack Player

Our new signature player is ready and is 100% custom made for our very own SHOUTcast Widgets, a type of add on for your Shoutcast stream which includes dozens of features such as a built in website builder, social media auto posters and of course the most wanted part of the project - HTML5 players. But the Backtrack player is no ordinary Shoutcast player! The Backtrack player can restart the currently playing track on your livestream from the beginning. Listeners can also replay any of the recently played tracks on demand. 




Song Lyrics

As long as your mp3 tags include the song lyrics, listeners can follow along with the song by clicking on the artist biography. Up to 2 artist images, related artists, song types and artist biography is also included. Learn how to include song lyrics in mp3 tag



Public or Private Player

Toggle your Backtrack player from private to public to include your stream in the public directory and also offer your listeners other stations on the network that also choose to go public. The current track will be listed with each stream at the bottom of the station logo. In addition, you can add an unlimited amount of streams to your private or public network by toggling the setting in each of your streams. 


Song Voting System

Choose to enable polls and listeners will be able to like or dislike each track that plays. Votes are limited to one per visitor and listed in the SHOUTcast Widgets admin panel.   


Backtrack Player Requirements

The Backtrack player works with any SHOUTcast 2.x stream. The on demand option where the listener is able to restart the current or last played tracks requires an exact copy of your mp3s  in separate remote folder. This folder can be anywhere on the web, as long as you're able to pull the songs up in a URL and the artist - song.mp3 part is at the very end and not encrypted in any way (urlencoding is fine) 


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